2016 Council Awards





2016 Council Awards


Lifetime Achievement: Betsey Dougherty, FAIA and Brian Dougherty, FAIA .

The Doughertys

Betsey Dougherty, FAIA and Brian Dougherty, FAIA

For the first time in history, firm partners Betsey Dougherty, FAIA and Brian Dougherty, FAIA, of Dougherty received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Brian has had over 40 continuous years of service to the AIA holding numerous positions at the local, state, and national level. To this day, he continues to represent California through AIACC and AIA Leadership. Additionally, Brian was the first practicing architect and founding member of the California Collaborative for High Performance Schools as well as a member of the UC Berkley Environmental Advisory Council.

Likewise, Betsey has been an active member in the AIA since 1976. As one of the first actively involved women in the AIA Orange County chapter, Betsey has continued to hold positions at all levels of the AIA, many of which she was the first woman to do so. Furthermore, Betsey continues to serve as a California Architects Board (CAB) Licensure Advocate as well as the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

While both Brian and Betsey have accomplished so much as individual architects, it’s the work they’ve completed together that represents the definition of a lifetime career of dedication and achievement. They are an inspirational duo, supporting fellow professionals, enhancing California Communities, engaging volunteers and promoting the value of service through personal and professional commitment.

The jury voted unanimously to move them forward as they have been “passionate and exemplary pioneers within the AIA and their contributions should be recognized at the highest level possible.”

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