2014 AEP Award Recipients.

Chapter Award – AIA Los Angeles *

AIA Los Angeles was noted for how well they manage programs and events and how their approaches and inclusions of the Emerging Professional in several programs is “top notch”.

Firm Mentorship Award – KTGY and Altoon *

KTGY was recognized for their strong portfolio of resources available to Emerging Professionals.Altoon was noted as “having a very pervasive approach, and always looking for opportunities to engage EPs into all areas of practice.”

Educator Award – Doug Noble, FAIA and Karen Kensek, Assoc. AIA *

Both Doug and Karen were recognized for their contributions to NotLY (Not Licensed Yet. A program designed to prepare the architecture student for licensure, FREE OF CHARGE.) This program has been offered at USC’s School of Architecture for more than seven years and the mission has always been simple: “We have no secret motive. We just want people to get licensed,” wrote Noble in a brief description regarding Architect Registration Exam (ARE) assistance.

Associate Award – Wesley Wong, Assoc. AIA *

The jury voted unanimously to award this candidate for several reasons—such as his positive attitude as well as his ability to bring people together who might not otherwise collaborate. He has dedicated hours of time to the Emerging Professionals.

Young Architect Award – Stephanie Silkwood, AIA *

Stephanie is working nationally to make the licensing process more comprehensive. She has been consistently and continually proactive in setting up EP events, ARE study groups, and Intern Development Program (IDP) seminars. In 2013 Silkwood received an AIACC Presidential Citation, and continues to be actively involved not only with her local architectural community, but the state and national as well.

Student Leader Award – Lauren Amador *

Lauren’s tenure as the AIAS Chapter President for AIAS Woodbury University has made her an expert on the issues facing students and EPs.

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