AIACC Design Awards

The AIACC Design Awards Program recognizes projects that inspire architectural design thought and exhibit formal, technological and spatial innovations.


Residential Awards

Celebrating the best in residential architecture and design in the state of California, the program serves to inform the public of the breadth and value of architectural practice.


Council Awards

The practice of architecture can sometimes be about creating a legacy—either in portfolio or firm culture or contribution to society within other categories. The AIACC celebrates these attributes with the Council Awards Program.



AEP Awards

The AIACC AEP awards recognizes those individuals and organizations that have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to Emerging Professionals, the AIA, and the architectural profession.

Norma Sklarek Award

Norma Sklarek Award

This award, in honor of the late Norma Sklarek, FAIA, whose name is associated with a litany of firsts including the first African-American woman to become a member of the AIA (1959) and the first African-American woman to become a Fellow of the AIA (1980), is conferred by the AIA California Council Board of Directors on an architect or architecturally oriented organization in recognition of their social responsibility.

Maybeck Award

Maybeck Award

The Maybeck Award recognizes outstanding achievement in architectural design as expressed in a body of work produced by an individual architect over a period of at least 10 years. The award is intended to honor the individual rather than the firm. The basis for the award is the quality of the body of work designed during one's career.